Narsimha Kavacha - Mayapur

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This wonderful Kavacha is from Lord Narsimhadev from Mayapur Dham. He is most merciful and most ferocious. He is most kind to his devotees and most fearful to the demons. To that Lord Narsimhadev i offer my respectful obeisances. 

Inside the Narsimha Kavacha is Lord’s Narsimha’s Mula Mantra and the Kavacha has been offered to Lord Narsimhadev In Sri Mayapur Dham.

You may read the full Narsimha Kavacha here. Its benefits are unlimited. You must wear the kavacha around your neck or around your arm.

Jay Narsimhadev Ki Jay

Now the Kavacha comes in a beautiful box. We made this for you, because we know that sometimes you like to make this as a gift to your loved ones.

Sizes - Small - 20mm , Medium - 28mm ( size depends on availability. If we can't get the size you want, we will send you what ever is available.

Please not that we do not provide the string as shown in the picture. It’s for display purpose only.

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For export out of India we can ship Kavacha through India Post only.

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