Harmonium Boxer

  • ₹12,000.00 ₹17,000.00
  • You Save: ₹5,000.00 or 29.41%

This is a 42 key harmonium, made from teak wood, with high quality Indian reeds. The 42 key really allows you to change scales as per your voice. You can go high pitched or low pitches as per your desire. The teak wood and boxed harmonium makes the harmonium sturdy, therefore you can carry it to various places for house programs or some function with ease. The Indian reeds are of high quality to give you a very pure sound. Once you buy this harmonium you will be very happy with the quality and amazing music it produces. 


Since it's a wooden product irradiation charges may apply for shipping out of India. Shipping cost out of India (150-200 USD)

Shipping cost with in India is around 800-1000 Rs.

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