Panchapradip Lamp

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Pancha Pradip Lamp

Offering lamps to the Deity is highly auspicious both for the one who offers and for those observing. The lamp is considered the main offering of the arati ceremony. - Pancharatra Pradipa

Ghee lamps offered in arati vary widely in shape and size. Traditionally, a ghee lamp must have an odd number of wicks, and more than three. The standard number of wicks for a full arati is five (pancha-dipa); on special occasions one may offer lamps with more wicks or offer five separate lamps in sequence (this is another meaning of pancha deepa). One may also use a flat metal plate as a lamp by placing ghee wicks along the edge of one side, or by placing camphor in the centre. Certain types of lamp use long, thin ghee wicks made of cotton wrapped around a kusa-grass stalk. Lamps are usually made of silver, bell-metal, brass, copper, and sometimes clay.

Dimensions - 17 x 12 cm approx - larger and smaller can be made upon request.

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